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Smarter Fluid Management

Integrating Treatment with Water Transfer

Concentrate on the well and leave the water management to Integrity Fracturing, Inc.

Address Inefficiencies

By managing the entire water delivery, we simplify the operator's responsibilities by providing a single point of contact for both transfer and treatment.

  • reduce the number of employees onsite
  • take advantage of the downtime experienced during transfer operations
  • ensure we have the industry's' top talent managing your water

Innovative Technologies

By partnering with technology providers, we concentrate on providing world class service and management operations, while allowing the experts to innovate new products.

Our onsite chemical generation currently utilized provides a short lived "Reactive Oxygen Species" (R.O.S.), to oxidize contaminants in water at price point unheard of in the well stimulation industry.

We provide oil and gas operators a simple "blend and dose" oxidation chemistry for oil recovery, well stimulation and water management applications. Coupled with Integrity Frac's Water Transfer Operations, this treats fresh water, brine water, and even clarifies produced water on the fly for re-use.

Safer, More Efficient Solutions

By providing on site generation coupled with a low energy process, we provide a safer and more efficient solution while passing savings to the customer. Rather than sink capital into elaborate trailers filled with multiple flashing lights and fail safes, we offer an accurate automated process at a fraction of the price. This is especially true when comparing traditional chemistries such as Chlorine Dioxide that requires various layers of fail safes and sniffers to prevent a Chlorine Gas release.


Integrity Fracturing, Inc. services revolve around water conservation and reuse.

Water treatment:   Various technologies to deliver the necessary water quality

Water transfer:   Lay flat water transfer services professionally managed to integrate "frac on the fly" treatment

Pressure pumping:   Remedial services include acid jobs, solvent flushes, and production enhancing chemistries

Production chemistry:   A suite of innovative products to remediate common production issues

Water Treatment Division

By maintaining a technology neutral stance, we achieve the necessary water quality through various technology providers. With various engineers and chemists, we provide complex solutions in a simple, cost effective service offering.

  • Clarification – lowest cost available for produced water reuse, particularly in slick water operations
  • Bacteria control – Patented on-site chemical generation for on the fly bacteria kill for all types of water
  • Desalination - Partner technologies are available to provide distillation or RO for fresh water projects

Water Transfer Division

By integrating water treatment during water transfer operations, we provide a professional, lay flat transfer coupled with the lowest cost reuse program available.

water transfer division

Pressure Pumping Division

By providing traditional pump down and pressure testing services to utilizing complex nano-technology, we have the solution to maximize production services:

  • Pump Down
  • Acidizing
  • Remedial Pumping

pressure pumping division


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